started drawing many years ago as a hobby, because it relaxed me and helped me focus as I studied; However, I was just making isolated drawings in my notebooks,along with notes from school, high school and university, until one day my friends encouraged me to make these little drawings on a single sheet of paper, all together ,and so I did.

It was from this moment on, when little by little, it went from being a hobby to something more serious.

nconsciously, all these years I had been inspired by the designs of the tiles that are found throughout my region of Spain: Andalusia. In Andalusia, among the many traditions that took root throughout history, that of tiles stands out especially. This artistic tradition has always been distinguished by combining aesthetics and functionality. This type of decoration has its origins in Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt, civilizations to which the first known glazed bricks are attributed.

A true legacy of Muslim art, Andalusian tiles have been a reflection of the historical evolution of different artistic styles in their designs.


 started making objects with these designs to decorate my home and, as a result, I began to receive very good comments and critiques from family, friends and acquaintances who encouraged me to decorate new products with my designs. Each time I made new drawings, they imagined an endless possibility of decorative objects I could create with them.



From this point on, I thought of the possibility of actually working with the ceramic and tile industry, which was the industry that had initially inspired me, as well as with other companies dedicated to interior design.  And, in this way, I would return part of that inspiration with a more modern and innovative approach, perfectly adaptable to all sorts of decorative objects, being able to create unique spaces and objects in this format.

I believed (and believe) in the originality of my style and was convinced that I could create groundbreaking collections; However, there was only one part missing: understanding my client’s needs.

This is how I created a method for, together with companies of the ceramic and interior design sectors, developing  designs with innovative and exclusive concepts, handcrafted and versatile , which would allow my customers to stand out in such a competitive market with both a cultural and aesthetic approach.


And I, meanwhile, continue looking for inspiration… 


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