2021 | Testing season at home

2021 | Testing season at home

To continue investigating and see the possible applications of my drawings, we have done tests with my artworks in different formats, techniques and colors to decorate our home.

Thus, to see how my art would look applied on the wall as a wallpaper, I commissioned a vinyl of my drawing “Lotus”: the quality of the vinyl itself and the effect on the wall turned out to be better than expected!

I also wanted to see how my large format drawings would result on photographic paper: in this case, by computer I designed a whole new drawing combining two of my round artworks with a monochrome background of Pantone Reflex Blue.

Finally, I also framed a series of my drawings in the classic way, combining my abstract style with multicolored naïf style Japanese cards, French “art deco” style postcards and artworks by the master Antonio de la Muela: very eclectic combos that, actually, work beautifully together on the walls.

Here below some examples of the above mentioned.